Edward H. Morris c. 1903

Edward H. Morris was a prominent Chicago attorney and politician. Clarence Darrow was a friend and colleague of Morris. Darrow publicly spoke out in support of Morris when he believed Morris was unfairly treated because of his race by a committee of the Chicago Bar Association. The committee issued a report on candidates for judges in which it said Morris was not fit for the bench and also mentioned that he was colored. Darrow wrote a letter in November 1923 to the editor of The BROAD AX, a black Chicago newspaper, in which he protested the ?unfair treatment received by Edward H. Morris at the hands of the Chicago Bar Association and its committee.? Darrow accused the committee of being prompted "solely" by Morris's color and he praised Morris's ability:

"I know of no man on either ticket who is better qualified or whom I believe would make a better judge, and I trust that the colored voters of this City will give him such a vote as emphatically to show their disapproval of the report and the action."

Photo from Appleton's Magazine (1903).