Clarence Darrow and Judge John F. Raulston
Jul, 1925
On Day Six of the trial a heated exchange occurred between Clarence Darrow and Judge Raulston:
Darrow-I do not understand why every request of the state and every suggestion of the prosecution should meet with an endless waste of time, and a bare suggestion of anything on our part should be immediately over-ruled.
Court?I hope you do not mean to reflect upon the court?
Darrow?Well, your honor has the right to hope.
Court?I have the right to do something else, perhaps.
Darrow?All right; all right.

When the trial resumed the following Monday Judge Raulston held Darrow in contempt of court. Later that day Darrow apologized, the judge accepted with a short religious sermon, and all was forgiven. Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-95411